Asset Planning: How to Help Your Employees or You Individually

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Planning for retirement can be stressful! Isn't it time you started helping your employees continue their success after retirement? The Yarbrough Agency offers a wide range of retirement plans. You can select the option that provides the greatest benefit to you and your employees and helping everyone to begin preparing for the FINANCIAL FUTURE!


Here are a few important aspects of Asset Planning. Retirement plans offer a variety of options from which both you and your employees can choose. For your business, retirement plans often include tax-deductible contributions and tax-deferred growth opportunities. One of the most popular retirement plans is the 401K plan. In general, a 401K plan will allow your employees to make salary deferral contributions and can include an employer matching contribution. Plus, there are options available just for business owners, such as the individual (K) plan, which includes many of these same features.


Other retirement plans include the Simplified Employee Pension or SEP plan, or a SIMPLE IRA. These plans are customized for more specific types of business situations. For example, the SEP plan, for Asset Planning, is more appropriate for business owners with high wages and few employees. The SIMPLE IRA is more commonly used by small businesses with 100 or fewer employees.


Regardless of the retirement plan best for your business, Scott Yarbrough can help you compare options. We want to help you discover the most cost effective way to provide your employees great benefits and help you recruit top talent into your company. Let's start talking about Asset Planning today!