Disability Insurance in San Marcos, TX

Protect your income with disability insurance from Yarbrough Agency!
Disability Insurance

Insurance is important for everyone to have. It helps protect us from the unexpected, and can save us from financial turmoil in the event of a disaster or accident. Most people have some type of insurance, but many people overlook purchasing disability insurance in San Marcos, TX. Disability insurance a great way to protect your income in the event of injury or extended illness.

Disability insurance protects you from potential disabilities that leave you unable to work. For example, if you work out in an oilfield, an injury that leaves you in a wheelchair may prevent you from coming to work. Purchasing disability insurance in San Marcos, TX protects you from completely losing your income as you recover.

There are two different options for disability insurance in San Marcos, TX and the Central Texas area: short term and long term. Short term insurance usually pays a portion of your income for a short period of time, anywhere from 6-24 months and is most often sold through Group Plans. Long term disability pays a portion of your income after a period of time, known as the “elimination period”, chosen by you. Both of these types of insurance are important to consider. It is important you choose a plan that is a good fit for you and your family, but with so many different options out there, it can be difficult to narrow one down. That’s why Scott Yarbrough and the Yarbrough agency are here to help.

The Yarbrough Agency can help find the proper disability plan in San Marcos, TX for you and your family. When you make an appointment at The Yarbrough Agency, you will receive expert guidance on all the plans available for you. Based on your unique needs, we can find the best suited plan together. We are passionate about helping our customers find quality insurance plans that give them the coverage they need. If you are interested in disability insurance in San Marcos and the surrounding area, contact the Yarbrough Agency today!