Insurance for every stage of your employee’s lives.

    Our trustworthy and hardworking agents work to provide you insurance to fit you, your family and your employee’s needs, while keeping your costs competitive. At the Yarbrough Agency, we specialize in life, health, employee benefits, and retirement planning. It's time you started the conversation with us.


Learn more about life insurance and living benefits, affording you peace of mind. Help protect what matters the most - their future.


It’s impossible to predict where your life might take you. Give your employees the support they need wherever life might take them with a customized group health insurance plan.

Asset Protection

Planning for asset protection may seem far into the future, but you and your employees may be approaching this stage of life sooner than you think! It is never too soon or too late to begin preparing for one’s financial future... start today!

Employee Benefits

The benefits you make available to your employee’s can be a key factor in their decision making process. To help keep your employees satisfied, support them with competitive employee benefits such as dental, vision, disability, health, etc.